Our help material is divided into 3 areas: How It Works, FAQs for Consumers, and FAQs for Growers.

If you need any additional help, please visit our support page to contact us.

Common questions about getting started:

1 Download the LocalCarrot App Using your iphone, go to the Local Carrot App in the Apple Store.
2 Sign Up Make sure you use the Sign Up button to create a new account.
3 Check Your Email Check the email account you used for signup to find the verification link and click it so we know that the email address is real. If it does not come right away, please check your Junk Mail folder for an email from, with subject: "Please verify your email for Local Carrot!"
4 Update Your Profile For growers to add their produce to the map, we need your physical address. Don't worry, we do not tell anyone the exact address, but we only show the general vicinity to get a sense of the produce in the area. Your produce will not show on the map unless we have a physical addresss.